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Burrata Pizza Recipe : Easy And Flavorful

When it comes to combining the vibrant flavors of marinated tomatoes and the creamy indulgence of burrata cheese on a pizza, culinary delight reaches new heights.

This Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza recipe offers a harmonious symphony of fresh ingredients that tantalize the taste buds and elevate your pizza game to a whole new level.,

With the perfect balance of tangy, sweet and creamy, this pizza is a testament to the artistry of flavor composition. Let’s dive into the details of this exquisite recipe.,

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Cooking Time

The Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza is a relatively quick and straightforward recipe, taking around 20-25 minutes to prepare and approximately 15 minutes to bake.,

This makes it an excellent choice for busy weeknights or when you’re craving a gourmet pizza without spending hours in the kitchen.,


This recipe yields one delightful pizza , ideal for serving two hungry individuals. However, you can easily adjust the quantities to accommodate larger gatherings or a family dinner.

Burrata Pizza Recipe

Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza Ingredients :

For the Marinated Tomatoes :

• 250g (8 oz) cherry tomatoes or larger vine tomatoes,
• 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
• 1 tsp balsamic vinegar
• 1 clove garlic
• 3 Tbsp fresh basil
• Pinch flaky sea salt
• Black pepper

For the Cheesy Garlic Pizza Base :

• 250g (9 oz) pizza dough
• 1 ½ Tbsp salted butter
• 1 ½ Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
• 4 cloves garlic
• 1 Tbsp fresh flat leaf parsley
• Flaky sea salt
• Black pepper
• Handful grated mozzarella cheese
• Handful parmesan cheese

To Assemble :

• 150g (5 oz) burrata cheese
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Flaky sea salt
• Cracked black pepper

Burrata Pizza Recipe

Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza Instructions

For the Marinated Tomatoes :

Step 1 :
The tomatoes should be diced , and the rest of the ingredients should be placed in a small bowl. Combine everything , then taste and adjust the seasoning as needed. Mixture can be kept sealed in the refrigerator up to a day before use.,

For the Cheesy Garlic Pizza Base :

Step 2 :
Olive oil and butter are heated in a small pan over medium heat. Add in garlic and let simmer over low for 1-2 mins (be careful it doesn’t brown/burn)…add in parsley, salt (if needed) and pepper to finish.

Step 3 :
Set your oven’s grill or grill , which is the top direct heat source , to 275C/525F. Stretch out the pizza dough and place it in a stovetop frying pan (28 cm/11 in. Or larger) that has been lightly oiled and preheated. Cook over medium high heat, topping the dough (including the crust) with garlic butter and mozzarella + parmesan cheeses. When the bottom of the crust is golden and crispy, transfer to a rack placed in the upper 1/3 of your oven. The grill/broiler will cook the base in 3-5 minutes, watch closely so it doesn’t burn.

Assemble Pizza :

Step 4 :
The marinated tomatoes and the burrata cheese ball should be placed on top of the pizza dough base.,
Step 5 :
Drizzle a bit of extra virgin olive oil over the burrata cheese. Finish with a touch of flaky sea salt + pepper

Burrata Pizza Recipe

Tips for Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza

  1. If you prefer a thinner crust, roll out the dough to a larger size.
  2. Experiment with different types of tomatoes for variations in color and taste.
  3. Add prosciutto or cooked bacon for an extra layer of savory goodness.

Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza Nutrition Fact

• Calories – 668.97kcal
• Total Fat – 46.37g
• Carbs – 46.93g
• Sugars – 4.24g
• Protein – 18.62g
• Sodium – 1410.19mg
• Fiber – 2.92g

Burrata Pizza Recipe

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Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza FAQ

What is burrata pizza made of?

Burrata pizza is composed of creamy burrata cheese atop pizza dough, complemented by tomato sauce. It’s enhanced with toppings like cherry tomatoes, prosciutto and arugula.,

This indulgent delight features the unique allure of burrata an elevated mozzarella enriched with cream for a rich, flavorful experience.,

What is a burrata pizza?

A burrata pizza is a culinary delight featuring a creamy burrata cheese nestled atop pizza dough. This Italian delicacy boasts a buttery flavor, with its soft interior of cream and cheese curds.,

Its decadence elevates traditional pizza , creating a harmonious blend of textures and flavors.,

How do you eat burrata pizza?

To savor burrata pizza, first, indulge in its creamy richness by slicing through the soft center of the burrata cheese. Combine each bite with the crisp crust, reveling in the contrast of textures.,

Let the flavors of the toppings harmonize with the velvety cheese for a delightful experience.

Does burrata taste good ?

Absolutely, burrata tastes delightful. This Italian cheese , with its creamy center of curd and cream encased in mozzarella, offers a rich and luxurious flavor.,

Its origins in Puglia , Italy, have led to a unique and satisfying taste, making it a popular choice to enjoy on its own or paired with various accompaniments.,

Can you eat burrata when pregnant?

Yes, burrata can be enjoyed during pregnancy if made with pasteurized ingredients. Experts suggest checking labels for pasteurization and storage conditions. Most U.S. cheese is pasteurized, minimizing bacterial risks.,

Adding fruits or bread complements burrata for a safe and delightful treat during pregnancy.

What kind of cheese is burrata?

The soft cheese known as burrata is produced in Italy using cow’s milk. It features an exterior resembling mozzarella , yet its interior surprises with a blend of cream and small cheese curds.,

This creamy delicacy is distinctively rich, making it a favored choice for pizza, pasta and salads.,


Burrata Pizza Recipe

The Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza is a culinary masterpiece that brings together the essence of summer with the creaminess of burrata cheese. With its balanced flavors and delightful textures , this pizza is a celebration of freshness and indulgence.,

Whether you’re a pizza enthusiast or simply love exploring new flavors , this recipe is bound to become a favorite in your repertoire.,

In conclusion , the Marinated Tomato + Burrata Pizza Recipe is a feast for the senses. From the aromatic basil to the creamy burrata , every element of this pizza contributes to a memorable culinary experience. Don’t hesitate to whip up this recipe for a gourmet pizza night that’s sure to impress both your palate
and your guests.,

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