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Setting Up Your Dream Wedding Registry on Amazon

Amazon, your one-stop shop for everything from home essentials to last-minute groceries, is also a fantastic place to create your wedding registry. It leverages your existing Amazon wish list, offers convenient shopping for guests, and ensures fast delivery – all before you even pick your honeymoon destination!

Creating Your Amazon Wedding Registry (in 7 Easy Steps):

Wedding Registry
Wedding Registry

Create Wedding Registry

  1. Head to Amazon Wedding Registry.
  2. Enter your and your partner’s names.
  3. Provide your wedding date (estimated is okay).
  4. Indicate your guest count (adjustable later).
  5. Mention if you have a registry elsewhere (Amazon integrates them all).
  6. Set your registry’s privacy (public, shareable, or private).
  7. Choose your email notification preferences.
  8. Click “Create Your Registry” and start adding gifts!

Bonus Features:

  • Group gifting: Allow guests to contribute towards pricier items.
  • Completion discount: Earn up to 20% off remaining items after the wedding.

Finding the Perfect Gift (for You or the Happy Couple):

  • Search for a registry: Visit “Find a Wedding Registry” and search by name, location, or date. Public registries are searchable within 15 minutes of creation.

Amazon Keeps You Informed:

  • Track purchases: See who bought what gift for easy thank-you note writing.
  • Registry insights: Analyze purchased gifts by price range and add more in popular categories.
  • Post-wedding discounts: Enjoy up to 20% off unpurchased registry items.

Additional Tips:

  • Use the “Add to Wedding Registry” button on any product page.
  • Explore the Gift Advisor for personalized recommendations.
  • Browse curated collections and popular gift lists for inspiration.

Make your wedding planning a breeze with Amazon’s comprehensive wedding registry!

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