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Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe

Let’s be honest, folks. Sometimes, a boring old salad just doesn’t cut it. We crave something a little more exciting, something that satisfies our savory tooth and leaves us wanting more. Enter the glorious spinach and feta strudel – a golden-brown parcel of flaky pastry bursting with vibrant green spinach and salty, tangy feta cheese.
This recipe is not just a meal; it’s an amazing experience. It’s the kind of dish that brings people together, perfect for a light lunch with friends or a cozy weeknight dinner. It’s also surprisingly easy to whip up, even for novice cooks. So ditch the delivery menus and the takeout containers, and let’s get our hands dirty in the kitchen!

Why You’ll Love This Spinach and Feta Strudel

Where do I even begin? This strudel is a symphony of textures and flavors. The buttery, flaky puff pastry yields to a bed of soft, wilted spinach, punctuated by crumbles of salty feta cheese. The addition of gouda provides a touch of richness that complements the tang of the feta beautifully. Every bite is a delightful explosion of taste and texture.
But it’s not just about the taste. This recipe is a winner for ton of reasons:
Simple ingredients: You won’t need to scour specialty stores to find anything fancy.
Quick and easy: With minimal prep and cooking time, you can have a delicious meal on the table in under an hour.
Adaptable: Don’t have gouda cheese? No problem! Swap it with your favorite shredded cheese like mozzarella or Monterey Jack. Feel free to add a sprinkle of fresh herbs like dill or parsley for an extra pop of flavor.
Perfect for leftovers: This strudel reheats beautifully, making it a great option for meal prepping or feeding a crowd.
Spinach and Feta Strudel: The Benefits Beyond the Bite
This recipe isn’t just about indulgence (though there’s plenty of that to go around!).

Here are some additional benefits to consider

Packed with nutrients: Spinach is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, including iron, folate, and vitamin A. Feta cheese provides calcium and protein.
Budget-friendly: The ingredients for this recipe are relatively inexpensive, making it a great option for those watching their wallets.
A vegetarian delight: This recipe is naturally vegetarian, making it a perfect option for meatless Mondays or for accommodating dietary restrictions.

Cooking Time: Approximately 35 minutes
Servings: 4-6

Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe Ingredients

1 roll (275g / 9.7oz) puff pastry, thawed from the refrigerator
2 cloves garlic, minced
350g (12.3oz) frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
100g (3.5oz) feta cheese, crumbled
100g (3.5oz) gouda cheese, shredded (or your favorite cheese)
1 large egg
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Sesame seeds, for sprinkling (optional)
1 additional egg, for egg wash
125g (4.4oz) mozzarella cheese, shredded (for topping)

Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe Method

Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe
Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe

Prepare the Filling: In a large skillet, heat a drizzle of olive oil over medium heat. Add the minced garlic and cook for 30 seconds, until fragrant. Add the thawed and squeezed spinach and cook until wilted, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool slightly.
Assemble the Strudel: Preheat your oven to 180°C (360°F). In a large bowl, combine the cooled spinach, crumbled feta cheese, shredded gouda cheese, and a crack of fresh pepper. Season with salt to taste (be mindful of the saltiness of the feta). In a separate bowl, whisk the single egg.
Work with the Puff Pastry: Unroll the puff pastry sheet on a lightly floured surface. Gently stretch the pastry a bit to form a larger rectangle. Brush the entire surface of the pastry with the beaten egg. Scatter the spinach and cheese mixture evenly over the pastry, leaving a 1-inch border around the edges.
The Roll: Carefully roll up the puff pastry dough like a jelly roll, starting from the long edge with the filling. Pinch the seam closed to ensure the filling doesn’t escape.
Prepping for Baking: Transfer the strudel seam-side down to a Continued: The Gooey, Delicious Embrace of Spinach and Feta Strudel baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
In a small bowl, whisk the additional egg with a splash of water to create an egg wash. Brush the entire surface of the strudel with the egg wash. Sprinkle with sesame seeds for an extra visual touch (optional).

Tips for a Flawless Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe

Thaw and Squeeze: Make sure to thaw your frozen spinach completely and squeeze out any excess moisture. This prevents the strudel from becoming soggy.
Don’t Overwork the Dough: Puff pastry is delicate. Handle it gently and avoid overworking it. This will ensure a flaky and light final product.
The Roll is Key: Aim for a tight but gentle roll. A loose roll can cause the filling to burst out during baking.
Egg Wash Magic: The egg wash creates a beautiful golden brown crust on the strudel.
Watch the Time: Don’t overbake the strudel. You want it to be golden brown on the outside and cooked through in the center, but not dry.

Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe Serving Suggestions

This dish can be enjoyed in a ton of ways:
As a main course: Serve the strudel hot out of the oven with a simple side salad for a light and satisfying lunch or dinner.
Appetizer Delight: Cut the strudel into bite-sized pieces for a delicious and elegant appetizer.
Pack it Up: Leftovers are a dream! This strudel reheats beautifully, making it perfect for meal prepping or taking for lunch the next day.

Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe FAQs

Can I use fresh spinach instead of frozen?

Absolutely! Use about 250g (8oz) of fresh spinach, washed and chopped.

What if I don’t have gouda cheese?

No worries! Substitute with your favorite shredded cheese like mozzarella, Monterey Jack, or even cheddar.

Is this recipe vegetarian?
Yes! This recipe is naturally vegetarian, making it a great option for plant-based diets.

Can I add other ingredients to the filling?
Feel free to get creative! Try adding chopped fresh herbs like dill or parsley, cooked chopped mushrooms, or a handful of chopped sun-dried tomatoes.

Spinach and Feta Strudel Recipe Nutritional Information

Calories: 400
Fat: 20g
Protein: 20g
Carbohydrates: 35g
Sodium: 500mg (depending on the cheese used)

So there you have it, folks! This spinach and feta strudel recipe is a winner on all fronts. This recipe is so simple to make, bursting with flavor, and suitable for any occasion.
I hipe you Give this recipe a chance and let me know what you think in the comments below! I’d love to hear about your experience and any variations you create.

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