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Super Green Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe

Hey there, fellow food enthusiasts! Today, I’m bursting with excitement to share a recipe that’s not just delicious, but also a nutritional powerhouse – Super Green Kale Parmesan Pasta!

Let’s be honest, sometimes those healthy meals can feel a bit, well, bland. But this dish? It’s an explosion of vibrant green, packed with the goodness of kale, garlic, parmesan, and protein-rich peas. Trust me, it’s bursting with flavor and will leave you feeling satisfied without the usual post-pasta guilt trip.

Why You’ll Love This Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe

  • Ultra-Easy: Weeknight-friendly? Absolutely! This recipe comes together in under 30 minutes, making it perfect for busy schedules.
  • Nutrient-Dense: Kale is a superstar when it comes to vitamins and minerals, while the peas add a protein boost. Plus, the parmesan cheese throws in a sprinkle of calcium for good measure.
  • Incredibly Customizable: Don’t have fresh basil? No problem! Use spinach or another leafy green instead. Feeling extra carnivorous? Throw in some grilled chicken or shrimp for a heartier meal.
  • Did I Mention It’s Delicious? Seriously, the combination of creamy parmesan sauce, garlicky goodness, and vibrant kale is simply divine.

Benefits of This Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe

  • Packed with Vitamins and Minerals: Kale is a fantastic source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as essential minerals like potassium and iron.
  • Good Source of Protein: Peas add a surprising amount of protein to this dish, making it a more well-rounded meal.
  • Fiber Powerhouse: Kale is high in fiber, which can aid digestion and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
  • Quick and Easy to Make: This recipe is perfect for busy weeknights when you don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen.

Cooking Time: 25 minutes

Servings: 2

Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe Ingredients

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 shallot, diced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 Chopped leek, just the white and light green sections
  • 120g frozen peas
  • 3 large handfuls of leafy kale, roughly chopped
  • ½ teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary
  • 1 chicken or vegetable stock cube
  • 75ml milk (dairy or non-dairy)
  • 40g grated parmesan cheese
  • 20g fresh basil leaves
  • Pinch of black pepper
  • 150g dried pasta (your favorite shape!)
  • Salt, to taste
  • Protein of your choice (optional): grilled salmon, chicken, shrimp, etc.

Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe Method

Super Green Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe
Super Green Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe
  1. Sauté the Aromatics: Heat olive oil in a large pan over medium heat. Add the shallot, garlic, leek, and rosemary. Sauté the shallot for three to four minutes, or until it becomes transparent and tender. .
  2. Welcome the Greens: Throw in the kale and frozen peas. Add a pinch of salt for seasoning and mix well. Cover the pan and let steam for 5 minutes, or until the kale is wilted and tender.
  3. Pasta Time! While the greens are working their magic, cook your pasta according to package instructions in a separate pot of salted boiling water. Remember, we want that al dente perfection!
  4. Blending Bliss: Reserve about ½ cup of the pasta water before draining. Transfer the kale mixture (along with any accumulated juices) to a blender. Add the stock cube, milk, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and black pepper. Blend until smooth and vibrant green. You may need to add a little reserved pasta water to achieve the desired consistency.
  5. The Grand Finale: In a large serving bowl, toss the cooked pasta with the creamy green sauce. Add a sprinkle of reserved parmesan cheese for an extra cheesy touch (because, let’s be real, cheese makes everything better!).
  6. Protein Power (Optional): If you’re feeling extra peckish, top your pasta with your protein of choice. Grilled salmon, chicken, or shrimp would all be fantastic options.

Tips for Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe

Don’t Overcook the Kale: We want the kale to be tender but still have a bit of a bite. Keep an eye on it while steaming to avoid turning it mushy.

Adjust the Milk: The amount of milk you need may vary depending on the desired consistency of your sauce. Start with a little less and add more if needed to achieve a smooth, creamy texture.

Get Creative! This recipe is a fantastic base for customization. Don’t be…afraid to experiment! Here are some suggestions to spark your creativity:

Veggie Extravaganza: Add a chopped red bell pepper for a touch of sweetness or some sun-dried tomatoes for a burst of umami.

Spicy Kick: If you like things with a little heat, stir in a pinch of red pepper flakes or a dollop of sriracha when blending the sauce.

Creamy Dream: For a richer sauce, substitute some of the milk with heavy cream or cashew cream (for a vegan option).

Nutty Goodness: Toast some pine nuts or almonds and sprinkle them on top of the finished dish for added texture and flavor.

Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe Nutritional Information (per serving)

Calories: 460kcal

Protein: 18g (without additional protein)

Fat: 20g

Carbohydrates: 45g

Fiber: 5g

This Super Green Kale Parmesan Pasta is a delicious and nutritious meal that’s perfect for busy weeknights or a light weekend lunch. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein, all while being incredibly flavorful. So, ditch the bland healthy meals and give this recipe a try! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Kale Parmesan Pasta Recipe FAQ

Q: Can I use a different type of green besides kale?

A: Absolutely! Spinach, Swiss chard, or even arugula would all work well in this recipe.

Q: I don’t have a blender. Can I still make this recipe?

A: You can, but the sauce won’t be as smooth. Simply finely chop the kale before adding it to the pan and simmer it with the other ingredients until tender. Then, mash it slightly with a potato masher before combining it with the pasta.

Q: How can I make this recipe vegan?

A: Easy! Use vegetable broth instead of chicken stock and substitute the parmesan cheese with a vegan alternative like nutritional yeast or cashew parmesan. You can also use plant-based milk like almond or oat milk.

Now, it’s your turn! Let me know in the comments below what kind of protein you’d pair with this pasta, or how you plan to customize it. I can’t wait to hear your creative ideas! .

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