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The Ultimate Chocolate Moist Cake

There is no exaggeration when we say that this is THE BEST Chocolate Moist Cake recipe available on the internet. If you’ve been scouring the web for the perfect Chocolate Moist Cake cake recipe, your quest ends right here. This cake is not only incredibly chocolaty but also remarkably easy to make, requiring just one bowl and no mixer. Plus, it comes with a divine chocolate fudge frosting that will leave your taste buds dancing. But, before we proceed, a little disclaimer: this article contains the word “moist” quite a few times. You’ve been warned!

Imagine a scenario: you bake an entire cake for a household of two (or even just one person), and the cake manages to survive for four days. And by “survive,” we mean that you’ve consumed every last crumb because it’s so delicious. This BEST Chocolate Cake is not just moist; it retains its delectable texture for over a week without succumbing to dryness, and, believe it or not, it actually gets better with age!

Why You’ll Fall in Love with This Recipe:

1. So Easy to Make: This cake can be whipped up in a single bowl with just a whisk. You don’t need a fancy mixer, although you can certainly use an electric hand mixer for added convenience.

2. Moist Chocolate Cake: Prepare to be amazed by the supreme moistness of this cake. Its texture is unbelievably soft, and it remains moist for days without drying out.

3. Perfect Crumb Texture: The cake boasts an impeccable crumb structure, making it resemble a store-bought cake that’s typically loaded with emulsifiers. However, this masterpiece is made with simple, real ingredients, right in your kitchen.

4. Rich Chocolate Flavor: The rich and smooth chocolate flavor truly shines through in this cake. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

5. Fudgy Chocolate Frosting: The frosting, a decadent chocolate ganache made with sour cream, is a breeze to prepare. You don’t need softened butter or powdered sugar, and many have hailed it as the best frosting they’ve ever made.

6. No Buttermilk Required: While buttermilk is a fantastic ingredient, it’s not a pantry staple for everyone. The good news is that you don’t need buttermilk to create this ultimate chocolate cake.

The Ultimate Chocolate Moist Cake

Ingredients for the Best Chocolate Moist Cake:

Before diving into the step-by-step instructions, let’s briefly go over the key ingredients you’ll need. For a comprehensive list, you can find the recipe card at the end of this article.

– All-purpose flour: You don’t need special cake flour; regular all-purpose flour works just fine. Ensure precise measurement to avoid a dry cake.

– Granulated sugar: The sweetness and moisture in this cake come from simple white sugar.

– Brown sugar: A touch of brown sugar adds a hint of molasses flavor, enhancing the richness of the chocolate.

– Pure vanilla extract: Vanilla is essential to elevate the chocolate’s flavor; never omit it.

– Cocoa powder: Quality cocoa powder is essential to make this cake shine. Opt for the best unsweetened cocoa powder you can find, such as Dutch Process cocoa powder.

– Eggs: Two whole eggs provide structure and emulsify the batter.

– Sour cream: The secret to the cake’s moistness lies in sour cream. It imparts dairy undertones, rich flavor, and body that oil-based cakes lack.

– Oil: This cake relies on oil for its moisture. Although butter is beloved, oil ensures an ultra-moist texture, perfectly complementing the intense chocolate flavor and the richness of sour cream.

– Hot coffee: This recipe stands out by incorporating hot coffee into the batter. The hot liquid dissolves sugar, activates leavening agents, and ensures the cake rises and sets instantly. It’s the secret behind the cake’s unparalleled moistness.

– Dark chocolate: For the delectable frosting, you’ll need pure dark chocolate with around 60% cocoa solids. It’s a key element in making the frosting luscious.

How to Craft the Best Chocolate Moist Cake: Step by Step Instructions:

This recipe is incredibly straightforward and can be executed with a single bowl and a whisk – no fancy mixer required!

Step 1: Combine Dry Ingredients: Begin by sifting flour, cocoa, baking powder, and baking soda into a large bowl. Add both sugars and salt, and whisk thoroughly, ensuring there are no lumps of brown sugar.

Step 2: Combine Wet Ingredients: In a separate medium-sized bowl, whisk together eggs, oil, sour cream, and vanilla until well blended.

Step 3: Mix Wet and Dry Ingredients: Pour the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients, and mix either with a whisk or an electric hand mixer on medium-low speed until the mixture is thoroughly blended. It may appear thick and somewhat dry.

Step 4: Mix in Hot Coffee: Gradually add the hot coffee in two stages to prevent clumps from forming. Beat until the batter is consistently combined and smooth.

Step 5: Bake: Divide the batter evenly between two prepared cake pans and bake for 30-33 minutes. The cakes should spring back when gently pressed and a toothpick inserted into the center should come out clean. Once baked, place the pans on a wire rack to cool for 15 minutes before inverting the cakes onto the rack to cool completely.

The Ultimate Chocolate Moist Cake

Expert Baking Tips for the Best Moist Chocolate Cake:

  • Choose a Neutral Oil: Opt for a neutral-tasting oil, such as pure sunflower oil, to let the chocolate flavor shine through.
  • Don’t Reduce the Sugar: The right amount of sugar is essential to maintain the cake’s moisture. Sugar binds water, ensuring it remains in the batter and doesn’t evaporate during baking.
  • Monitor Baking Time: Keep a close eye on the baking time. Set a timer for the initial duration stated in the recipe and check with a skewer – it should come out clean.
  • Make Cupcakes: You can also use this recipe to make cupcakes. It yields approximately 18 cupcakes that will require 15-20 minutes of baking time.

Recipe FAQs:

Can I freeze chocolate cake?
Absolutely! You can make the cake layers in advance and freeze them for future use. Once they’ve cooled completely on a wire rack, wrap them individually in plastic wrap, followed by tin foil. Place them in a resealable plastic bag and store them in the freezer for up to 3 months.

What type of oil is best for chocolate cake?
For a clean and neutral flavor that allows the chocolate to shine, opt for fresh oil. Sunflower oil is an excellent choice, but canola or safflower oil will work too. You can even use olive oil, but be aware that it will impart an olive oil taste to the cake.

What is a substitute for sour cream?
If you can’t find sour cream, you can use an equal amount of full-fat Greek yogurt as a substitute. Crème fraîche is also a suitable alternative.

Can I make this recipe without coffee?
Yes, you can! If you can’t have caffeine, you can use hot water instead. You can also opt for decaffeinated coffee or prepare instant

coffee instead of brewing a fresh pot.

What’s the secret to a super moist cake, and how can I make my cake more moist?
Contrary to popular belief, it’s not more fat that makes a cake moist. Moisture comes from liquid, not fat. You can add more butter and oil, but it will make the cake denser and more tender without necessarily making it more moist. This cake’s moisture comes from the amount of liquid in the recipe.

How do you add moisture to a chocolate cake?
While butter cakes may have a crumbly texture, this oil-based cake achieves an ultra-soft texture that gives the perception of moistness. Oil, primarily composed of unsaturated fats that are liquid at room temperature, is the key to this cake’s moist allure.

The Ultimate Chocolate Moist Cake

The Ultimate Chocolate Moist Cake

Get ready to experience the only chocolate cake recipe you'll ever need. It's unbelievably moist and intensely rich. Pair it with the Best Chocolate Frosting, and you've got a chocoholic's dream come true.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 10


  • – 1 ¾ cup 250g all-purpose flour
  • – ⅔ cup 56g cocoa powder (preferably Dutch Process)
  • – 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • – 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • – 1 cup 200g granulated sugar
  • – ½ cup 110g packed light brown sugar
  • – ¾ teaspoon salt
  • – 2 large eggs
  • – ½ cup 120ml vegetable oil (preferably sunflower oil)
  • – ¾ cup 180ml sour cream
  • – 1 teaspoon 5ml pure vanilla extract
  • – 1 cup 240ml hot coffee


  • Preheat your oven to 350°F. Lightly grease and flour two 8-inch round cake pans and line the base with parchment paper.
  • Sift the flour, cocoa, baking powder, and baking soda into a large bowl. Add both sugars and salt and whisk to blend well, ensuring there are no lumps of brown sugar.
  • In a separate medium-sized bowl, combine the eggs, oil, sour cream, and vanilla, whisking until well blended. Pour this mixture into the bowl with the dry ingredients and mix with an electric hand mixer on medium-low until blended. The batter may be thick and somewhat dry. Gradually add the hot coffee in two stages to prevent clumps from forming, and beat until the batter is evenly combined and smooth.
  • Divide the batter evenly between the prepared pans and bake for 30-33 minutes until the cakes spring back when pressed gently, and a skewer inserted into the center comes out clean. After baking, transfer the pans to a wire rack and let them cool for 15 minutes before inverting the cakes onto the rack to cool completely.
  • Once the cakes are cooled, cover them with my BEST Chocolate Fudge Frosting!
Keyword Chocolate Moist Cake

In summary, this Ultimate Chocolate Moist Cake recipe is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Its outstanding moistness, rich chocolate flavor, and easy preparation make it a must-try. Whether you’re baking for a special occasion or just craving a delicious treat, this cake is sure to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Enjoy every bite of this indulgent dessert!

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